You’re Just Too Good To Be True by Sofija Stefanovic

  • Every time we log into internet we expose ourselves to many things from ads that wants us to buy things we don’t need to and to scams,identity theft and many other hazardous things.
  • Somehow i as younger generation I believe i am internet native and i know the many dark corners of the internet  and how to be careful of them but for older generation who are not i feel that Internet is a dangerous place for old people.
  • Every time we log into Internet which is always for people at my age we reveal a lot about ourselves from what we love to what we fear and hate and although it’s good to be authentic here but it’s also too stupid to reveal too much about yourselves in the internet as not all people who contacted you in the Internet have good intentions.
  • The last thing i feel Internet has ruined and destroyed is human decency and respect, i feel that by using the Internet some people’s have used their anonymity to harass and troll people especially females , and by talking to people behind screen somehow in the process we don’t consider the receiving end human enough to respect them.


Sofija Stefanovic  is Serbian born, Australian grown writer and this book tells the story how she tried to save her 80 old friend Bill from online scammers, Bill is 80 old Australian man who tried to find love in in the Internet but somehow he was duped of all his money,savings,pensions  to Ghanaian scammers

. He was sending his pension away as soon as he got it, in the wild hope that he would, one day, get his money back. He was scammed out of more than $80  000. It left him an emotional wreck, and drowning in debt.

Bill was family guy who supported his family and never cheated his wife but since his children grown up and his wife departed this world he tried to find love in the digital world and when he logged into SilverDaddies which is a site used by mature gay men to find younger gay men his world has changed to the worst.

Nigerian prince fraud or advance fee fraud is kind of scam in which involve someone overseas offering you a share in a large sum of money or a payment on the condition you help them to transfer money out of their country.

there is two kind of scam victims the first is a victim to financial scams and this usually happens to assertive very enterprising people and the other is a person who lacks someone to care from him , someone to cuddle him some who have void in his heart and tries to fill the void in the internet but unfortunately for him he doesn’t fill the void but it leads to enlarge his void and depression.

‘Part of the way we explain crime and why people engage, is because the opportunity is there. They find the area of criminal activity that has the most opportunity and least likely apprehension. If you’re in Nigeria or Ghana, advance fee fraud is probably a type of crime that requires little resource investment and the opportunity is there. And it’s been demonstrated by others that it’s a successful way of getting money. There’s little deterrence because hardly anyone’s been caught for it.’

we need to return to old Christian virtue, the virtue of being prudent and not trusting or believing anything you read or watch in the internet, especially people you meet in the internet


  1. What a great review, Ina! I read this author’s memoir last year (Miss Ex-Yugoslavia, very good if you haven’t read already) and it was incredibly moving and also very funny and sweet, I got a good sense of what a thoughtful, sensitive person she was from that book. I didn’t know about this one but it is such a fascinating but completely heartbreaking topic. I just can’t understand the mentality that exploits people who are so vulnerable, although I guess that applies to any kind of theft, really…this personal scamming is just so evil. Appreciated reading your thoughtful take on the book and topic!

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    1. I will search for memoir and just like you i really enjoyed her writing and the topic interested me.
      Just like you am unable to understand what goes through the mind of scammer.
      Does he feel sadistic pleasure from duping old white people of their money, money they saved for 50 years.
      No matter how much poor Nigerian or other African scammers are I can’t be sympathetic toward them, i mean some people out of shame and debt even killed themselves but what is scary is not the financial scam but the romantic one, i mean the person has invested so much into the relationship he is unable to get out no matter how exploitive or abusive the other person.
      The last thing I believe Westerners should reevaluate how they treat their seniors it is really painful for old to search for love and attention they couldn’t find from their sons and daughters.
      This will be typical Ren book so i hope i read your review about it


      1. I completely agree, Ina, it breaks my heart that in their later years so many western seniors have to deal with things like this. It’s just tragic. And you made a really good point that we are of the “native” internet generation who are more savvy to the dark corners but for those people who aren’t, I can’t imagine the dangers it presents. It is just so sad.

        But also you’re right, no matter how poor someone is how can they think they deserve to take that away from someone..not to mention the pain and humiliation they suffer, whether it was only financial or also a romance scam. I think they have an attitude that if someone is foolish enough to buy into the scam then they deserve to lose their money but that’s such sickening thinking. I hate it! But I’m also glad that she wrote something like this to help take some of the shame out of it…I think some of the people are so humiliated that it adds another layer of suffering to the whole thing, as they don’t want to admit or talk about it. Would be really interested in reading her take on it as I liked her writing and mindset so much in her other book. Always love exchanging ideas with you, Ina!


      2. thanks a lot Ren for you understanding for my poor English.
        but even in my native generation revenge porn has really ruined many teen girls live in Somalia and we really need to be more careful of who we contact, and to never share private information like where you live or your bank account with someone you just met.
        one of the characters went through to airport fie times in vain in search for the guy she met online that scene really broke me.
        well Australian police are really good and they made support group to help people who get scammed so they are not that alone and they have friends who share the burden with them.
        just like you said we shouldn’t blame the victim for their mistake but our negative energy should be pointed towards those who exploit these innocent people
        am also interested in reading your always fascinating review


      3. I’m glad it could make you laugh! It helps to laugh when everything else around these stories is so sad. There are a couple of other ones he did on YouTube too. I just like so much that he’s keeping the scammers a little bit busier so they don’t have as much time for someone more vulnerable!

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