My comeback to blogging and writing

It’s been almost three years since the last time i actually was active blogging and many things have happened since then and although I didn’t write anything i still read voraciously a lot both in nonfiction and fiction so although i slacked a lot when it comes to writing but when it comes to reading am glad I still read a lot.

My last post year ago i talked about my private issues with imposter syndrome especially when it comes to writing as I always felt sense of insecurity and inadequacy about my writing which eventually made me quit blogging.

After three years I more secure about my writing and my sense of inadequacy is diminished i feel the more I write and rewrite the more confident I will be about myself do am planning to be more active and write not only book reviews but also long essays and try many different forms of writings this year.

So I expect to be more active blogging and writing more book reviews than before also will write about many random thing’s so am really excited to be back


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