How to Cure a Fanatic by Amos Oz


One thing I always in any conflict is that always paint one group as righteous and the other group as wrongdoers, one group as good guys and the other group as a bad guys, one group as a victim who deserve our sympathy and another group as a villain who will be denigrated and stand accused of everything.
But this equation sometimes doesn’t work and it doesn’t work especially in Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
There is no good guys versus bad guys in this conflict but two righteous owners of the same land in which there is two different claim about the same land
In the past both the Arab and Israeli denied each other existence and tried unsuccessfully in the Arab side to militarily erase Israel from the map,fortunately the failed and after six wars the neighbouring Countries have accepted the Israeli right ti exist in Israel.
But what about Palestinian who rotted in refugee camp around the world what would happen to them will they always be stateless for eternity.
It is easy to paint Israeli as the bad guys in the region as they are most developed nation in the region but who is Goliath and who is David depends in which scale you are looking at,
If it comes to Israeli Palestinian conflict we can paint the Easily the Israeli as Goliath but if you enlarge your perspective a little more and used bigger scale then Israel will be the victim in the region I mean being entrapped in region where almost three hundred Arabs hates it and vowed to destroy it in this case Israeli will be the nice guys in that region.
What the author tries to tell is compromise and negotiations is what this conflict need to end I mean to Israel to accept there would be no greater Israel and for Palestinian there would be no greater Palestine
This compromise which is hard to go through for both Israeli and Palestine is what this conflict needs as this conflict is real Estate problem not religious problem as many Muslim and Jewish extremist tries to paint.
About the Fanaticism which is now became like the virus spreading around Muslim world and also in Western world as far right is getting more and more chairs in Western government .
What about Fanaticism attracted me in my youth was the ability for the fanatic to sacrifice his life for his beliefs but in growing older I became more rational and kind scared for sacrificing my life for any goal whatsoever.
Being fanatic is easy for any human but being understanding and trying to put your self in other shoes, trying to imagine what the other feels and what being the other could be.
But sometimes it feels really tiring to talk with fanatic with people who believe Jews control the world and US with people who believe homosexuality is disease and throwing gays out of high building is great way to reduce homosexuals in the society,people who believe who believe every western nation are secretly trying to destroy Islam
Talking and arguing with people with this mindset and the fanatic in my society and trying to be the devil advocate can be very tiring sometimes
But one solution to fanaticism can be literature because literature allows you to put yourself in the shoes of other and also humour you don’t see Terrorist in who have good sense of humour and also trying to be with the people you have prejudice against them can make you rethink your heal yourself from fanaticism

The Blacker the Berry by Wallace Thurman


I always wondered why Western authors who happened to visit my country from Richard Burton to Karen Blixen always claimed that Somali were far more superior to other African although they didn’t give reason for that superiority.

And after reading this book it made me more color conscious than ever, did those authors made their assertion because Somali had less thick lip than other Africans? Or they made their assertion because Somali have smoother hair than the African people? Or maybe Somali skin color are lighter due to inter marriage with Arabs and Europeans  than other hinterland Africans and for this they can claim to be special than Africans.

Who does light skin, brown eyes, more pointed nose and more smooth hair made you believe to be superior to people who happened to be more colored and have been blessed with more darker skin

Reading this novel made me get a glimpse of what it means to black in lighter skin society, from the Bantu who live in southern part of my country and who still face prejudice and discrimination because he is more black than the usual Somali to Darfur where Arabized African attack other native Africans

But this book doesn’t talk about the supposed superiority of Arabized Africans or mixed race individuals but the focus of the novel is how lighter skin people treat their darker skin people within the same race.

Here comes Wallace Thurman novel which was published in 1929 which tells the story of Emma Lou who is African American girl who faced systematic racism from her race just because she were more black than her what her family wanted her to be

What struck me in the novel was from the start you are told what fate wait our narrator

“More acutely than ever before Emma Lou began to feel that her luscious black complexion was somewhat of a liability, and that her marked color variation from the other people in her environment was a decided curse. “

Her first encounter with racism would come with from within her family who treated as curse because she were more darker than her family was and the family motto was “Whiter and whiter every generation,” she deviated from their goal and as a result was treated badly just for being more blacker than family .

Getting tired of her mother and grandmother racism she tries to run away from home to university where she beliefs that intra racial racism is something from provincial and it wouldn’t happen in big cities let alone in University but after being shunned from every club meeting her collage had she would run out to Harlem where she develop hypersensitivity and become more aware of her status and develops inferiority superiority complex and starts to treat men with the same racism she used to hate and fight against.

And eventually tired of self-hate and self-pitying she resolves to change but also accept who she is

“We are all living in a totally white world, where all standards are the standards of the white man, and where almost invariably what the white man does is right, and what the black man does is wrong, unless it is precedented by something a white man has done.”


and this quote

“ What she needed to do now was to accept her black skin as being real and unchangeable, to realize that certain things were, had been, and would be, and with this in mind begin life anew, always fighting, not so much for acceptance by other people, but for acceptance of herself by herself .”