The harrowing daily experience of being trans women

Early this year the first Somali trans women came out to the public in facebook which caused uproar in the Somali social media and although the the reason she came out to the public was not for people to accept her but to shun also the many Imams who raped and molested her when she was young.

Since then the life gender non conformative people really interested me and how rhey cope and survive in places which denies them the right to exist, but also since many people in my region still believe Homosexuality as sin and mental illness reading more books about queer people can save you and cure you from the continued hate that you are told or teached about queer people

I find it fascinating to learn how  chnage in your gender and pronouns can really change your point view of life and also you interact with your surrounding environment and for this I picked up Vivek Shraya new book whch describes her life as trans women and how she coped with her earlier childhoods trauma as she was spit on and stared rudely and threaten by her first crush to use physical violence against her

Its amazing how many things are imposed on us from childhood from our gender to our faith and everytime we try as individuals To redefine ourselves  we face many backlashes from surrounding community and sometimes people who you thought will be your allies and friends in your process of  of discovering yourselves became your worst enemies and reading this book helped me get a glimpse of the daily fears and anxiety teans women face from morning to night

Vivek Shraya starts her essays from her childhood and how she harassed for not being manly enough, and how this childhood trauma still haunts her and also affect her choices from not wearing tight dresses to not attract attention to not look at the men’s eyes so she would not be harassed, what i found fascinating in this short work is how sheds ligh also on difficulty and fears and dangers most women faces whether being trans or not from violent men.

I’m Afraid of Men By VIVEK SHRAYA

Published by Ina cawl

A Somalian book lover and Writer

12 thoughts on “The harrowing daily experience of being trans women

  1. Incredible review, Ina! “the reason she came out to the public was not for people to accept her but to shun also the many Imams who raped and molested her when she was young.” that’s just unbelievable. I can’t imagine how hard that must be for these people. It breaks my heart. This sounds like an intense and very important book, thanks for sharing such a thoughtful review.

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    1. Thanks a lot Ren.
      I really hate and find it shameful the double standards sometimes my society have, in one side the men who raped and killed and stole public money are welcomed and how queer Somali are forced into hiding and there is article which describe the kidnaping of queer Somali from US to Somalia to rehabilitate them as they claim.
      It’s really very enlightening book especially for men who harass queer people but also women in general


  2. It is heartbreaking to think of the damage that was done to us as children, which we carry on into adulthood. My son lost his father when he was three, and even a “simple” thing like that has caused untold harm in his life. I am sad for everyone who suffers from these terrible wounds and struggles to find a place in life where they are free from harm.

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    1. its scary how childhood experiences sometimes negative can affect us even in adulthood.
      am really sorry for your son experience and as orphan i was born three months after my father died so i understand what he went through and can empathize with him.

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