Beside the Sea by veronique Olmi

What does it mean to be a mother?

Does being able to have birth to Children means you have the right to have them?

How stable I mean ( mentally,financially) should the person be so that he could a baby?

Who determines who have the right to bring children to this world?

And if you had the child who determines you can keep your child, does the state have that right?or the social worker?

What does it mean to be so poor in developed state?

What does it mean to be single mother in today world is it? Is it really hard to raise children single handed or is it impossible

I have so many questions and questions after reading this great novel which was published by peirene press

Beside the Sea by veronique Olmi translated by Adriana Hunter

In the beginning of the novel we fallow our unnamed narrator as she escapes with her both kids from the to the sea

The city is unknown,the name of our female protagonist is unknown the town she is also headed to is also unnamed.

“ We took the bus, the last bus at the evening, so no one would see us” from the beginning of the novel we understand there is some thing wrong here why is she leaving at night why is she doesn’t want to be seen?

In the next pages we our unnamed narrator with her two small children heading toward the sea and after arriving in the town she lost her way and

“ I was almost alone with the Kids and the town became a mystery, I did know which road to to take , where to cross, what would take us away and what would bring us closer, nothing moved and the quieter it became the more out of place we felt.”

We see her strangeness to the her inability to fathom or understand things around her or people “ whenever I go out I wonder where everyone’s going , charging in every direction , tramping up and down the streets, some of them even make phone calls while they walk, how can anyone be that busy?”

In the hotel our narrator tries to sleep like humans do but it seems ti be really hard for her even the normal sleep is challenge she has to go everyplace

This is really amazing novel in many ways and it leaves with deep impressions that even after finishing it it still plays in your head

But there is also a dark side to it I mean if you have the stomach of fallowing one person journey to abyss and have the stomach to you really should read it in one go so the pleasure and pain mixes together and leave you with highest experience ever

I wanna quote and quote so many beautiful prose I have seen there and we should also thank the translator as her translation was quite amazingly beautiful

But just to convince you to discover this novel and this great publishing house

Here are some of my best quotes

“ I wanted to get back to the night before, that night without dreams or insomnia, the one that detached me from myself, I wanted to get back to that place with no threats that I’d fallen into, but I’d lost it for good”


  1. One of my all-time favorites! However, a lot of friends I’ve shared this fantastic book with are horrified that I list this as a favorite; they seem to have missed the greater picture. I loved it not so much for the story alone but more for the ability the author processes to provoke such a strong and powerful reaction in me. I haven’t read a better book that has conveyed such a fantastic sense of dread, claustrophobia and foreboding.

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    1. it is really an fascinating and horrifying book at the same time which makes the reader either love it a lot or dreat it a lot and it seems you and i are on the first list.
      But one thing sure is this book will stay in your mind for a long time


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