With ash on their face by Cathy otten

Survivors of seventy two separate genocides

Every evening after evening prayer I usually go to Cafeteria where we usually play Chess and gossip about politics and in going to Cafeteria I pass near Large Mosques wherein the evening they usually give religious sermons in the night.

I don’t know what stopped me that night but in one mosques they were giving sermons and subject was ethic of Slavery and how you treat your slaves more Humanly, I don’t why will some people waste their time listening to this rubbish and since listening more to that sermon made feel revulsion and disgust

Revulsion for still in 21 century there are still people believe in slaving people.

But what happens when people took their faith too seriously and obediently believe everything there and follow them blindly here comes this important book, with ash on their face by the British journalist Cathy Otten.

It fallows the Yazidi genocide in August 2014 when ISIS stormed Yazidi towns and villages in Sinjar Mountain.

“ Yazidi are a majority-Kurdish-speaking religious group living mostly in northern Iraq and numbering less than one million worldwide. They worship a single God, believe in reincarnation, and revere the peacock angel, known as Melek Tawuse, as God’s representative on earth. The peacock angel was often miscast as the devil of other religions, which resulted in the Yezidis, throughout their history, being persecuted as infidels by Muslim rulers who demanded they convert. “

In 2014 ISIS jihadist has embarked in genocidal compaign in which they tried to exterminate Yazidi people and faith from the face of earth by killing their men and enslaving their women and children.

“An estimated 6,383 Yezidis—mostly women and children—were enslaved and transported to ISIS prisons, military training camps, and the homes of fighters across eastern Syria and western Iraq, where they were raped, beaten, sold, and locked away. By mid-2016, 2,590 women and children had escaped or been smuggled out of the caliphate and 3,793 remained in captivity. 2 Around three thousand Yezidis were killed, half executed in the days following the ISIS attack, with the rest left dying on Sinjar Mountain from injuries, starvation, or dehydration. “

What happened in that month was beyond anything the Yazidis faced they were going to annihilated from the face of the earth but thanks to US air force and Kurdish fighters who saved them in last moments and also thanks to men who fought Siba Sheikheder which is the closest Yazidi town to Syria they fought ISIS for six hours with only basic guns and klashinkov but these six hours did provide cover for a lot of people to run and save their lives .

Since Yazidi faced many genocides in their life most of the women had heard and learned many lessons from their grandmothers on how to fight back and resist against their captors which include putting ash on their face and cutting their hair short so they don’t look appealing to their captors.

What happened later is tragedies that no pen can give it due and somehow I feel guilt since it is people from my faith who have been so monstrous and cruel to this people.
Honor Killing
In land where men honor is more important than women live many women usually killed themselves after the rape because of the shame but thanks to the enlightened religious leader of the yazidi have issued a decree to accept the returning women who have been slaved and forcefully converted to Islam and to not shame them.
all i can say although Humans may progress economically,politically but somehow when it comes to morals and ethics our progress is slow and can be easily turned back